Have You Thought About Your Wedding Makeup? Read This First

It is not a ridiculous notion that a bride would want to do their own makeup. Who knows your skin better than you, right? As with anything related to wedding planning, time and planning are key. Also, one must take the time to weigh out the pros and the cons when it comes to this detail. What may seem so easy at first, may become stressful later. Your face is going to be front and center in so many photos; just as you carefully curate your colors, dresses, and flowers, you should take just as much care in considering whether you will do your own makeup or go with a pro.

Consider Your Skill Level

If you are not a regular user of makeup then it is important to manage expectations versus what you want to achieve in terms of makeup. If a bride wants to achieve the full Instagram-glam level amounts of makeup, it is strongly recommended that they seek a Make Up Artist (MUA) with experience in doing those types of looks. Makeup skills do not come in overnight or even over a few months. The MUA’s that do glam looks on Instagram have often had years of practice as well as professional training and certification.

Consider the Price of Products (and Undiscovered Allergies!)

It is true that there are dupes of high-end beauty products in the drugstore. The caveat is the time effort and money it would take to test out these products on yourself. You never know how formulas will react on your skin. Even when using the high-end products, there is trial and error involved. Unless you already know which products work best on your skin then there is a long road of buying and testing products ahead of you. The pro to going with a makeup artist is that they are trained to customize their products to every client. They can mix foundations and pro-level additives so that the foundation will sit like a second skin from the photo sessions to the ceremony to reception. All this trialing of products will be covered in sessions with your chosen MUA. A good MUA will work with you and have many kinds of products at their disposal to achieve the look you want. Any trialing should be done well in advance of your wedding in case of any undiscovered sensitivities or allergies. The last thing you want is to break out in a rash the night before your wedding!

Consider the Difference Between Everyday Makeup and Bridal Makeup

Professional photos will be super clear and well lit. A lack of makeup can potentially make a person look washed out in flash photos. If a bride is after a more natural look then a skilled MUA can work to achieve a more natural look while using breathable and long-lasting makeup products. Initially, it may seem that it is more makeup than necessary but MUA’s are trained in camera-ready makeup. Makeup that is not applied well or does not stand up to long wear will be apparent in the high definition photos that come out. Setting powder can also have flashback under lights.

This is not to say that it is impossible! There are certainly exceptions to the rule and all MUA’s are not made equal. Selecting an MUA is trial and error as well. The budget may not even allow for an MUA. Take the time and plan it out. There is a plethora of resources at your disposal. If the author leaves you with any thought it should be that your wedding day makeup should not be an after-thought or last-minute decision.

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