Not Your Traditional Wedding Cake

Cakes have always been a traditional way of celebrating weddings, and we like to put no limit into the creativity of cake that couples choose for their wedding day. With the option for all creative ideas for your wedding cake, we have prepared a list of cake selections that we think will work well for your wedding!

A macaron tower can easily be substituted for cake! Choose from different colors, multiple colors, and mix of colors between the inside layers to create your macaron cake. We encourage that you choose coordinating colors to match the theme of your event.

CAKE pops! These cake pops can be a perfect alternative for a traditional wedding cake. It serves smaller portions for the guest so that they can enjoy to their liking and an easy way to serve cake during your wedding. No utensils needed!

This option is not for everyone but anyone looking for simplicity. It is important to note that simple doesn't mean a lack of excitement, and a simple cake like this can still be used for cake cutting!

For this cake, we see that the top tier starts with a heavy addition of pearls and becomes more subtle throughout the remaining tiers. An idea like this can be used by getting a plain cake and decorate it to your liking! It's always fun to add additional details to your cake!

Here's for another simple solution. Choose a cake that you and your partner enjoys and top it of with a cake topper! A simple and easy way to decorate your cake. Depending on what you want, there are toppers with written messages or visual images. Play around to see what fits best for yours!

This one is beautiful and displays so much love! It goes out of the way from a traditional cake but still holds so much beauty! The frosting, flowers and the subtle colors add detail to convey a beautiful image. A cute idea to customize your cake with initials!

Here's to making a BOLD statement with your cake. This cake adds glitter for a glowing texture that will radiate from your cake! In contrast to the rest of the cake, the flower takes charge in catching your guest's attention!

Have fun choosing your cake while discovering new ideas on the type of cake you want on your wedding! We hope that some of these cakes helped start a creative vision for yours!

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