GO GREEN For Your Wedding!

GO GREEN for your wedding!

Going green for your entire wedding may seem like an impossible task to achieve on top of your preparations for the wedding, but it is easy to do! It doesn’t have to be the extremes of going all in or not conserving at all. With that being said, there are a variety of ways to add ‘green’ to your wedding. Below is a guide for bits and pieces on how to be more environmentally conscious for your big day!


A smart way to be eco-friendly is with the venues you choose! While finding a location may be difficult, there are endless options for both indoor and outdoor selections. Try looking for outdoor areas that can serve as the perfect ceremony spaces! No need for extra lighting or expenses to create a brighter scene, natural light’s got you!

YES! Even during the colder seasons, an outdoor selection serves as a beautiful alternative!

If you are set on having an indoor option, keep an eye out for venues that already provide the lighting you need for your event!

Need more help?

Check out some of the places for our Top 13 Wedding Photo/Engagement Spots


Opting for an organic selection is a great idea for food to serve to your guests! Another idea for an eco-friendly option is to go local! Check out different local caterers to use for your wedding.


Rentals are a great idea for décor! Although many seek the use of disposable silverware, rentals can end up working in your favor (AND BUDGET)!


This one is for the guests. With your guests in mind, try to find a party favor that truly works in the favor of your guests! Edibles are always great along with favors that your guests find useful!


What do you do with your dress after your wedding?! Well, there’s the obvious answer to hold onto it but there are also ways to conserve it—an impact you can share with others with the gown you got married in!

Adorned In Grace is a bridal and formalwear boutique that raises awareness and funds for the prevention of human trafficking and support for survivors.

By donating your wedding dress, you’re not only going green, but creating an impact on future brides!


As your wedding day comes to an end, the flowers you used often get left behind and, sadly, tossed. An extra way to thank your family and friends while being eco-friendly is to offer your guests flowers to take home. Who doesn’t like a beautiful arrangement of flowers?!

There are plenty of ways to reuse and save for your wedding. Take the initiative to go green for your wedding!

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