WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Ten Tips for Managing the Guest List

The guest list is important in every wedding but also the most challenging for the couple. There is a lot of back and forth of who to invite, who to leave out of the celebration. This is a list of ten factors to consider when picking the right attendees.

1. Be Reasonable

We know you want to invite everyone you know (and everyone your parents know, and friends of friends, etc). Remember: you must pay per head at the reception. It is poor etiquette to invite someone to the ceremony and not to the reception. It also leads to a lot of extra people showing up to reception.

2. Relatives

Everyone knows to invite immediate family and immediate extended family like aunts, uncles and cousins. Do not invite people just because they are family, make sure you have a relationship with them. Also, be careful if you invite one cousin and they have four siblings whom you did not invite, this could be damaging to relationships and these guest want-to-bes might even show up to the wedding without invitation!

3. Co-workers

Think to yourself: do you have a relationship with them outside of work? If the answer is no, then they should not be invited. Do not invite people just because they work in your same department. Make sure you have a social relationship with them as well.

4. Plus Ones

My oh my! Plus ones cause a lot of drama between the couple and the guests. Would you take a stranger to a pricey dinner? Probably not, so why pay for a stranger to eat at your wedding? You do not really want to be on the dance floor full of strangers. If a guest is engaged, has a live in or in a long-term relationship then their partner must get an invite.

5. Children

It is very common to not invite children. If you do not want children to attend, make sure it is stated on invite. When the invite goes out, state who is invited and exclude the children name if they are not.

6. They Invited You

Just because they invited you to their wedding, does not mean you should return the favor. Always keep in mind your budget might have been different and they could afford.

7. They Sent a Gift

Just because they sent an engagement gift or an early wedding present, that still does not guarantee them an invite. Accept the gift as a token of their love.

8. Estranged Guest

You might have sent them a Save-the-Date then had a falling out. If you value their friendship and the fall out is temporary then definitely invite them. If you feel like it will never be repaired, then it is time to cross them off the list.

9. Boss

This is a good idea and a good way to get “cool points”. Just because you invite them does not mean they will come. They might just give you a gift regardless.

10. Friends

We get that you will always love your bestie from third grade, but you have not seen him/her since elementary school-she should not be invited. If you would not go out to eat with them in the next couple months, then they might be on the C list.

The guest list is important and should be fully thought out. The more guests, the more expensive the event will be so make sure you choose wisely!

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