WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Ten Tips for the Groom!

Most people automatically think of the Bride first when they hear the word “wedding.” Weddings should be just as special for the Groom. Here are ten tips for the Groom to remember before, during, and after the wedding!

1. It’s your Wedding too

Do not forget the big day celebrates the Bride and you. If you really want something at your wedding then say something to your Bride and planner. It could be anything from an appetizer that you really love to the types of music you want to be played. Our grooms are opinionated and we love it!

2. Choose your Best Man Wisely

Everyone always has advice for the Bride on picking her bridal party but the Best Man has an important role as well. Pick someone who will advise and support you before and during the wedding. It should be someone who will be there to calm you down (it is normal to be nervous on the big day!) and someone who is responsible!

3. Write your Vows and Speech

You are marrying the woman of your dreams, why not tell her your personal feelings about the transition into your new life together. Write your own vows to add a personal touch to the already emotional day! Yes, you must also give a speech during the reception- make sure you are prepared. Always remember to thank her parents and your Best Man, and make sure to also say something sweet about your Bride.

4. Look your Best

We recommend a haircut and a manicure! Sorry, fellas, but that beard that you have been growing for the last two years and is still just scraggly hair- it is time to cut it off. You should be clean shaved or get a trim for your wedding.

5. Beware of Surprises

Grooms, if you want to surprise your new Wife with something at the Wedding or reception, please make sure you know she will like the surprise. There are so many epic fail videos on Youtube of Grooms who planned something and Brides did not like it. Don't become one of those!

6. No Ex-Girlfriends

No matter how cool you and your ex-girlfriend are, she should not be invited to your wedding.

7. Plan Logistics

Please plan where you will sleep the night before and how long of a commute to the venue is from that location. It is not okay to arrive late- yes, the Bride can, but you cannot.

8. EAT

Try to eat something for breakfast or lunch because it will be a long day ahead and food is towards the end of the night. Often, the couple barely eats at the reception so make sure something is on your stomach before all the drinking begins. Your planner should also have snacks on hand throughout the day.

9. Dance with your Wife

It seems easy, right? Make sure you squeeze time in to dance with your new wifey besides just the first dance.

10. Enjoy

Have fun and enjoy your day! Do not stress out over little stuff, your planner can handle it!

Hope these tips are helpful so you do not feel lost throughout the whole wedding planning process.

Wait. One more- Always remember to love your wife and treat her like a Queen!

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