WEDDING WEDNESDAY: Must Know Wedding Terms for Wedding Planning

Welcome to the wonderful world of wedding planning. As you get deeper into the process, there will be several words that might be unfamiliar to you. We have complied a list of 15 words worth knowing during the planning process!

1. Charger: A large decorative plate that sits under the dinner plate. Adds color or flare to table setting.

2. Bustle: Framework made into the wedding dress that attaches the train to the dress and expands the fullness of the dress.

3. Drop waist: An elongated waistline that is positioned a few inches below the natural waistline.

4. Sweetheart neckline: A neckline shaped like a heart.

5. Maid of Honor/ Matron of Honor: A close family member or friend who stands by the bride and supports them through the wedding and ceremony. The MOH is not married while Matron of Honor is married.

6. Dyeables: Shoes or fabric that can be dyed to match a specific wedding color.

7. Chiavari chairs: Wooden chair of Liguarian design.

8. Signature cocktail: A specialty cocktail chosen by bride and groom to be served at reception.

9. Fondant: A hard frosting traditionally used on wedding cakes made of sugar and water that is mixed, cooked and cooled.

10. Ganache: Icing used to cover, decorate or fill cakes made of chocolate and cream.

11. Gum Paste: Used to create realistic decorations on cakes such as flowers. Made of a mixture of sugar, cornstarch and gelatin.

12. Calligraphy: Decorative hand-written lettering.

13. Place Cards: Placed on tables at reception so guests know where to sit.

14. Escort cards: Usually places outside the reception, to help guests locate their designated table.

15. Color Palette: Range of colors used throughout the entirety of the wedding.

These are words that come in handy, but always ask your planner if there are words that you are not familiar with. You have enough to think about on the day-of!

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