About Us

We are Certified Wedding Planners from the Bridal Society.


We have interests in love, fashion, and all things beautiful. Our company does everything from bachelorette parties to day-of services. We work with a number of brides and love merging modern and classical looks.


Our philosophy is that we aim to exceed your expectations and provide you with expert advice. We keep on top of industry trends and cater to all personalities and planning budgets.

We speak English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, Spanish, Gujarati, Taishanese, and Taiwanese.

Meet the Team

Wedding Planner,



Hello~ I love art, fashion, and aesthetics. I have extensive experience in all three areas. If you need any help with picking out your wedding dress, I am the one to talk to! I am always looking for innovative ways to do things and love fusing modern & traditional and eastern & western. Growing up, my mom was a florist in the states, so I know a ton about flowers and floral arrangements. Music is another great passion of mine and I spend a lot of time searching for and arranging unique sounds. My aim is help you make your wedding day stand out and be the most memorable day of your life because I know that your love deserves such a celebration.

Aisle Ai Weddings Award

Wedding Planner,



Hi! As a planner, you only know your client for a short period of time, but you develop a relationship with them and it becomes personal when tears of joy roll down those cheeks. These tears make me understand the importance of our roles as planners and I always feel proud of our final product. Being able to create a beautiful event to represent your love story is the most amazing feeling. I love seeing those bright and genuine smiles; it gives what I do meaning and purpose. I am a big foodie and enjoy trying different regional and ethnic foods; I'm also an expert on pastries and desserts. Hoping to use my passion and interests to bring you happiness on your special day!

Wedding Planner


Hi! I love everything glitter and gold! I love to make sure everyone is having a good time no matter what the occasion is. Music plays constantly in my head, so do not be surprised if you see me dancing with no music. Detail is my middle name, I believe that every little detail is just as important as the big ticket items to bring events together. These are a few of my characteristics that instantly helped me discover that event planning is for me! 


Junior Planner

Ji Hee

Hi- I am Ji Hee.


I love fashion, music, art, and WEDDINGS!

My interest for weddings started at a young age and has grown to become a crucial part in planning any event.


My attention to detail and excitement of creating a beautiful wedding allows me to go beyond your expectations! 

Junior Planner




I cannot wait to make your make your dreams for your special day a dream come true.  I have a love for party planning and design, which means I am ready to dive into your wishlist and coordinate a day you will never forget!  


Whatever you need, I’m your gal! 

Junior Planner




I live for challenges that put the pressure on so it's no coincidence that I have found a passion for wedding planning. Despite my craving for schedules and deadlines, I consider myself more right-brained and artsy. I like to craft my Pinterest pins and paint in watercolor in my spare time. 


I also love make-up and have an extensive collection of brushes, eyeshadow palettes, and highlighters of which I probably only regularly use about 1/8 of. I am a huge geek as well and can be found with my head happily buried in an Ice and Fire book when I'm not on the clock.


I cannot wait to assist the team in planning the wedding of your dreams!

Head of Talent,

Vendor Sourcing and Relationships

Anna Z

Anna Z serves as Aisle Ai's Head of Talent and Vendor Sourcing. She makes sure that the Aisle Ai team is always on top of industry trends, has the best database of vendors for your needs, and coordinates all relationships between Aisle Ai and the wedding vendor community.

Food and Nutrition Specialist, Indian Wedding Consultant


Hello, I’m Disha, food and weddings have always been consistent throughout my lifetime. As a daughter of an Indian wedding photographer, and growing up watching my mom spend all her time experimenting in the kitchen I have developed a passion for food and weddings. First, through attending numerous Indian weddings with my dad, I have been able to become very familiar with the events of the 4 day wedding extravaganza, and Indian wedding vendors. In addition to attending weddings like it is my hobby, I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a passion for utilizing nutrition knowledge in creative ways. I stay informed about the latest food and nutrition trends, fun Chicago restaurants, food photography, and keeping the public informed about nutrition. As a member of the Aisle Ai team, I am more than excited to fulfill your cultural and food needs with creativity.

DIY Team


Duo team of ladies who are furiously crafty to help you with all of your wedding needs. Custom prototypes are provided to you in person so that we can make each piece exactly the way you imagined it. Gone are the days where brides want the store-ordered, factory created decor. The DIY team has the skills and expertise to create unique pieces that will make sure that your wedding stands out! 



When it comes to capturing images and making an impact, Jarod always captures the authentic, special moments. Aisle Ai works with Jarod on a number of our internal projects. 


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